Arizona Muse by Patrick Demarchelier for UK Vogue June 2011


The Utonium House - Throughout the Day - Backgrounds from the Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed”

Timelapse wizardry by Stephane Coedel

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Sweet Streets presents an in-depth interview with Hikari Shimoda as she prepares for her recent solo exhibition at Artcomplex Center of Tokyo. 

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Hikari Shimoda is VERY IMPORTANT


Czech national ballet

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forget howl lets talk about the real Stealer of the Show, spicy mama Prince Justin. how about a little fire scarecrow indeed mmmm 

i mentally wrote this post in the shower because i remembered him being a lot cuter but now i realize he looks like anthropomorphic banana pudding. well the lesson here is that we tried. prince justin tried and i think that’s something we can all relate to. sometimes you come out on top and sometimes you’re delicious custard 

Zadok Ben-David - Blackfield (2006-9) - Hand-painted steel and sand

Blackfield is a space-specific floor installation containing steel etched flowers deriving from 19th-century Victorian encyclopedias. The work reflects over notions such as perception and perspective, and in its delicate modesty the installation brings up powerful questions regarding life and death.”

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